NG2: Personalized Inclusive Education Pathways

NG2: Personalized Inclusive Education Pathwaysng2

A project of the New Hamsphire Learning Initiative in Collaboration with the New Hampshire Department of Education

NG2: Personalized Inclusive Education Pathways looks to take New Hampshire to the next level of personalized learning as it tackles long-standing educational barriers to personalized learning… that of “Grades.” In this context, the team has recognized that two forms of grades exist in their schools that act as impediments:

  • Grades as student assessments that don’t accurately reflect students’ true understandings and skills
  • Grades (grade levels) as methods for grouping students (by age) that often poorly align to their true needs as learners.

In this project, five elementary schools in New Hampshire are piloting methods for combining competency-based learning and performance assessments in multi-age learning settings. NG2 schools are Ashland (SAU 2), Pittsfield (SAU 7), Parker Varney (SAU 37), Bakie & Memorial (SAU 17).

The purpose of NG2 is to develop a new model of personalization that allows a more flexible and effective educational pathway through the development and use of PreK–Grade 8 learning progressions and common understanding of the 6 NG2 Tenets. The result is deeper, more authentic learning opportunities leading to greater student success.  To read more, head over to

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