Pathways for Personalized Learning

Every student is different, and yet for years, we have tested students using an across-the-board approach that not only doesn’t account for each unique learning style, but doesn’t take into account each individual students’ needs. We help districts balance standardized testing with a more personalized approach to education, which not only provides educators with evidence of each students’ learning, but it helps students feel pride in the work they’re doing. When students are taught as individuals, they receive the support and advocacy they need to truly succeed in college and the workforce. We Help You…

  1. Put students at the center of their learning experience
  2. Get kids excited about their learning experience
  3. Create learning environments that benefit every student

Why NHLI Kids
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Education that Moves Students Forward

Students should be empowered to create pathways to their college and career futures, and it’s incumbent on educators and administrators to deliver a learning experience that gets them there. We help align curriculum, instruction and assessment practices to deepen learning; essentially redesigning the learning environment with students’ futures in mind.

We Help You…

  1. Provide students with the tools and support to launch them forward as independent learners
  2. Implement competency-based learning and deeper-learning competencies that help students find pride in their work, produce evidence of learning, and provide a deeper understanding and application of educational concepts learned
  3. Respond effectively to education policy changes that impact your district

Making Change Together

Educational initiatives don’t happen in a bubble. Collaboration and partnership among teachers, administrators, and district and state officials is paramount to making real change happen. We work with the New Hampshire Department of Education, as well as national organizations and foundations, to help schools deliver truly beneficial learning initiatives focused on preparing students for college, career and life.

We help you…

  1. Enact change based on transparent, honest support
  2. Realize proven outcomes with professional learning opportunities to keep them going
  3. Provide support to make your school’s critical initiatives a reality

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