Carolyn Eastman

Carolyn Eastman / February 25, 2021

Portrait of a Learner: The District Catalyst for Deeper Relationships and Partnerships

NHLI Is Re-Imagining Portrait of Graduate: Many districts have created their community Portrait of a Graduate. At NHLI we have broadened this process to deepen district, school, family and community partnerships.

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Carolyn Eastman / December 21, 2020

It All Starts With Hope: NH Gallup Student Poll First in the Nation to Measure Work Based Learning (WBL)

What is hope, and why does it matter? Pre-Covid it was a nice conversation to have with educators about students being hopeful about their future. Fast forward to our current situation, and everyone is talking about student engagement, hope, and relationships. Hope is much more than a nice conversation now, hope is what will make the difference in how students look at the future.

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Carolyn Eastman / March 26, 2020

Thinking About Remote Learning for Career Technical Education (CTE)

I recently received an email from a CTE teacher asking: “I teach Auto and Small engine classes which are hands on classes, any ideas?”

My first thought was how important it is to stay connected with your students.

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