Curriculum Design

Competency-Based Curriculum Review

Working closely with educators by grade level to review and provide feedback on what they are currently doing to support competency-based teaching and learning.


Re-Aligning District Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Practices

Aligning national and state standards such as Common Core with efforts to implement or enhance competency-based learning and education.


Mapping Competency Expectations and Curriculum

Creating rigorous curriculum reflective of competency-based education standards, using a framework to set expectations and track learning progressions over time.


Work-Study Practices

Empowering educators to instill, through competency-based learning practices, the essential skills and dispositions students need for self-direction, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Meaningful, Balanced Assessment Systems

Focusing on encouraging and implementing specific methodologies that promote more meaningful learning through balanced systems of assessment.

NHLI Learning Initiative PLACE


Performance Learning and Assessment Consortium for Educators

Offering a unique collaborative opportunity for educators from each of the content areas such as:

  • ELA
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Arts
  • CTE
  • Interdisciplinary

Goal: building capacity and expertise in assessment literacy, formative assessment practices, and performance learning and assessment. Learn from national assessment experts and local educators and assessment teacher leaders.

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NH Science Performance Learning and Assessment Consortium for Educators (SCI-PLACE)

Strengthening your local meaningful balanced assessment system specifically in science education. SCI-PLACE brings together science educators and national science experts in support of a student-centered, competency-based performance learning instructional model aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).




NH Performance Assessment of Competency Education (PACE)

PACE was a first-in-the-nation program that utilized common performance assessments developed by local educators to demonstrate evidence of deeper student learning and understanding through competency-based education. PACE has evolved into the NH Performance Learning and Assessment Consortium for Educators (PLACE).



Building Essential Skills Today, or BEST, focuses on student futures through the development of essential skills and dispositions using instruction and assessment. practices inclusive of rubrics, toolkits, and Work Study Practice/Success Skills building.


Formative Assessment / Introduction to Ambitious Teaching

Creating a valuable feedback loop that connects the process and practice of assessment. Students are able to collaborate and make choices for their learning. Thinking of this process as an ongoing assessment FOR learning, assessment OF learning, and assessment AS learning, for a fully beneficial educational experience.

Put your students at the center of their learning.

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