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Note: Any PD program for individuals (listed below) can be customized to run within a district

Join us for the 2nd Annual Summit on Career Pathways “Career Connected Learning: Elevating and Amplifying Efforts for All Students to Explore Careers” on February 1, 2023.  NHLI is convening in person NH stakeholders (K-12 educators, post-secondary educators, business owners, and community members) for a day-long program where participants will hear how public schools are implementing this innovation in learning and engaging with employers. They will also hear how Middle and High School teachers are integrating Agile Scrum, Excel, and other business-valued tools in their classroom instruction.   To view the program Click Here.  To register for the Summit Click Here.

This workshop is open to district, building and teacher leaders. These 3-hour virtual sessions will focus on the critical structures, processes and mindsets needed to support a shift to a CBL system. Sessions address (1) Shifting to a CBL System? Where Do We Start? (2) How Do We Lead the Work? (3) How Can We Use These Concepts to Find Balance for Ourselves as We Lead This Work?  The series starts on February 10, 2023 from 9 a.m. – 12 noon.  It continues on April 7 and May 19, 2023.  Click Here to register for this program.

NHLI’s sixth annual convening of local and national experts on topics that focus on student-centered learning. Back in-person to encourage networking and real-time learning. Take a deep dive into topics, connect with educators across the state.

More details will follow in spring 2023.

OGAP is an evidence-based formative assessment system that includes professional development, resources, and routines for teachers and leaders to continually adjust instruction to meet the diverse needs of students in grades K-8 mathematics. Four, consecutive, in-person, full days equip teachers with the knowledge and instructional practices to bring to their classrooms. Three follow-up virtual sessions during the school year to review student work and discuss the mathematics progressions, reinforcing their learning.

Check back for the details on the Summer 2023 OGAP trainings in NH.

Teachers in a variety of roles and content areas want skills that build a foundation for leading and supporting innovative practices in their schools. This five Saturday session will present the skills to assist a district in moving forward in its competency-based education and equity goals. A stipend is available to full participants in the program. Email NHLI if you wish to enroll yourself or any of your teachers in this program.

NHLI is offering two different cohorts of Intentional Assessment Design lead by Kathy White.

This is at no cost for NH Teachers

FIRST COHORT – Currently Running – A Year-long PD series on designing performance learning and meaningful assessments that produce high quality evidence of deeper learning  Six, two-hour virtual sessions and one day-long in-person workshop.

SECOND COHORT – Enrolling Now – Three full days in person – March 7, April 11, and May 9.  Click here to register for the program.

Work Study Practices are four critical competencies students need for success in their career, college and life: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Self-direction. This program integrates these critical competencies into curriculum and instruction, allowing students to build the metacognitive practices necessary for success in whatever pathway they choose. NHLI is offering the opportunity to engage in WSP through a virtual, online course. NHLI would be available for support when needed, providing feedback and guidance throughout.

The POL is a collaborative process to define a vision (a north star) for student success after High School by identifying competencies valued by the entire community. Partners in this process include representatives from the district, the school(s), family, business and industry, and community members. NHLI believes this process needs to be developed over time and cannot begin in high school but is part of system thinking K-12. And that using data from all constituencies informs the process and keeps the Portrait sustainable. NHLI will conduct and guide the POL process from data gathering, to portrait development, to community reveal. Contact NHLI if you are interested in developing or enhancing a POL.

This program offers an opportunity to engage in formative assessment training with Dr. Margaret Heritage, an expert in formative assessment. Understanding the process of formative assessment as a feedback loop; Understanding the classroom conditions that support formative assessment; and Developing skills to implement subject-matter formative assessment effectively. This will be a blended learning experience including three workshops in person, five online learning modules, and three check-in/support calls.

Take this course to learn about student deeper learning. Teachers new to CBL will receive a primer of what it really means to have a competency-based learning mindset. The workshop will provide an introduction to the shifts in practice needed to be made and ideas they need to understand to be successful.

Research and practice have shown that competency-based teaching and learning works well for students who learn differently, leading to lower anxiety and higher achievement. The goal of this workshop series is to provide resources and strategies to help teachers and leaders support all learners in a competency-based system. This program has eight, half-day sessions that can be in person or remote.

The NHLI conference this summer was so worthwhile! I found so many connections between presenters, but also, with what we’ve been learning about in our PD. I am excited to jump back into the CBL work in my district and look forward to bringing many of the resources I gathered from these expert presenters. So much of it is relevant to my work in the district.

- Powerful Learning Conference Attendee

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