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Our partnership with the New Hampshire Learning Initiative is instrumental to our path towards active, engaged, and innovative student-centered learning. We are grateful to work with people who understand the unique strengths and challenges of our K-8 school and assist us in creating a plan that works for our school district.

- Sondra Brake, Principal, Plainfield Elementary School

I have walked the assessment journey for many years having worn many hats. The work that we have done with NHLI on PACE tasks has been some of the most professionally rewarding work I've done thus far. The opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from other districts to co-construct meaningful and authentic performance assessments makes us ALL better. And it's the right thing to do for students.

- Mr. Chris Demers, Assessment Coordinator, Concord School District

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Help! How Do I Lead the Transition to Competency-Based Learning?

March 12

January, 22, 2021: How Do I Lead the Work? You can’t do this alone! This session will help you to...

Recurring Event

January 22 2021, March 12 2021, April 9 2021

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Introduction to Formative Assessment

March 15

NHLI is pleased to partner again with Margaret Heritage, an expert in formative assessment, to provide NH educators with the...

Recurring Event

March 3 2021, March 15 2021, April 1 2021, April 21 2021

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Examining Privilege, Systemic Racism, and Becoming Social Justice Educators

March 17

The goal of this workshop is for participants to develop social justice and equity educational practices and move toward a...

Recurring Event

January 20 2021, February 17 2021, March 17 2021, April 14 2021, May 12 2021, June 9 2021

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/ February 25, 2021

Portrait of a Learner: The District Catalyst for Deeper Relationships and Partnerships

NHLI Is Re-Imagining Portrait of Graduate: Many districts have created their community Portrait of a Graduate. At NHLI we have broadened this process to deepen district, school, family and community partnerships.

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/ February 19, 2021

Student and Teacher Agency in Action: the Self-Direction Toolkit Development Process

Researchers tell us and employers confirm that individuals who demonstrate the 21st-century skills of self-direction, communication, creativity and collaboration excel in post-secondary and career experiences.

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/ January 3, 2021

Three Ways to Scale Student-Centered Reforms in Your System

This article was originally published June 12, 2020 on the website Students at the Center Hub. Author Dr. Felicia Sullivan is Associate Director of Research at Jobs For the Future   Since 2014, New Hampshire educators can meet academic accountability requirements through a statewide Performance Assessment for Competency-based Education (PACE) system. Aimed at capturing a more authentic […]

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