Competency-Based Learning Breaks the Mold of Traditional Student Learning

Students Thrive When They Are Given Agency Over Their Learning

NHLI is a strong voice in the national conversation and in research on innovation in educational practice. We collaborate with districts and schools across the country to design pathways toward student-centered learning systems that empower students. We provide preparation and ongoing support to educators as they implement a more personalized learning experience.

Statement of Equity

At NHLI, we seek to create an inclusive work environment, we value diverse identities and perspectives, and we work together to support the success of all educators and learners.

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Our Mission

We are committed to creating and supporting meaningful, enduring innovation in education. NHLI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization implementing competency-based learning while preparing and supporting educators to break the mold of traditional student learning.

Areas of Impact

Distributive Leadership

We provide professional development and coaching to help move your district or school leaders toward student-centered learning through distributive leadership and Professional Learning Communities, to better understand student learning and evidence of learning competency.

Teaching and Learning

Curriculum, Instruction and Meaningful Assessment

We help districts and schools develop and implement innovative competency-based curriculum and instruction that support student-centered learning and lead to more meaningful assessment practices.

Future Learning Pathways

We work with educators to develop individual pathways with learning opportunities for all students to acquire the academic, work, and life competencies they need to pursue their college, career, and life goals.

Student-Centered Learning

Giving students agency over their own learning arms them with the tools to self-direct, instills positive success habits, and helps them truly see the value and purpose behind their learning.

“The work we have done with NHLI over the past year has been some of the most valuable professional development I have experienced in my professional career. The direct impact it has had on our district has been powerful.”

- Erin Messer, M.Ed. Principal, Groveton High School

Upcoming Events & Training


Various Locations Throughout the State of NH

NHLI and OGAP have partnered to offer mathematics trainings multiple times over the summer in multiple locations across the state. Download the Summer 2022 OGAP Training Schedule OGAP is an evidence-based formative assessment system that includes professional development, resources, and routines for teachers and leaders to continually adjust instruction to meet the diverse needs of […]

Powerful Learning Conference 2022

Grappone Conference Center 70 Constitution Avenue, Concord

Innovation Through Collaboration In partnership with NEA-NH and Center for Innovation in Education Click Here to Select Your Registration

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