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The Gifts of PLACE: An Invitation for Teachers

Unlock the Benefits of Collaboration, Creativity, and Innovation in Teaching with PLACE

NHLI Learning Initiative PLACE

Discover the impact of PLACE on student engagement and teacher professional growth. Established by NHLI in 2022, PLACE is a community of practice where teachers work together on strategies that increase student engagement and achievement. That work includes performance learning strategies such as formative assessment practices, inquiry, sensemaking and reasoning, work study practices, and designing and validating performance assessments.  To find out more about the origins of PLACE check out the PLACE Flipbook.

PLACE is led by teachers for teachers. A long-time leader, Lee Sheedy, a high school math teacher and PLACE Math Team Design Lead, highlighted PLACE’s transformative impact on students and educators. Reflecting on the original PACE project, NH’s innovative accountability system, Lee identified three key gifts of PACE that PLACE continues to offer.

1. Enhanced Student Engagement and Achievement

Lee observed a notable increase in student engagement and achievement on math assessments through performance assessments. These assessments encourage deeper understanding and application of knowledge, fostering a more engaging learning environment.

2. Professional Growth through Collaboration

One of the greatest strengths of PLACE is the collaboration it fosters among teachers. Teachers improve their practice and build a supportive community by working together to design, validate, and calibrate assessments. Lee noted, “We, as teachers, embraced the work-study practices that we taught students: collaboration, communication, creativity, and self-direction.”

3. Continuous Improvement and Innovation

PLACE is a gift that keeps on giving. Teachers continue to meet in communities of practice, focusing on performance learning and assessment. No longer tied to the state accountability system, these teams now explore innovative teaching, learning, and assessment practices that enhance student engagement and achievement. The rise of artificial intelligence in education further compels us to create learning opportunities that captivate students’ imaginations, spark their curiosity, and activate their agency in learning.

A PLACE for innovative and effective education practices

PLACE offers teachers a unique opportunity to grow professionally and meaningfully impact their students’ learning experiences. By joining PLACE, you’ll be part of a dynamic community that values collaboration, creativity, and continuous improvement.

Teachers in PLACE are supported by a generous grant from NEA-NH

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Kathy White

Director of Deeper Learning

Kathy is the Director of Deeper Learning Projects at New Hampshire Learning Initiative (NHLI), where she coordinates projects focused on promoting deeper learning experiences. She oversees the BEST (Building Essential Skills Today for Tomorrow) project, which involves creating rubrics and toolkits for essential skills like collaboration, communication, self-direction, and creativity. Kathy co-leads the NH PLACE project, supporting teachers in designing teaching and learning aligned with performance assessment. With expertise in assessment design, she collaborates with teachers, district leaders, and administrators to implement intentional and balanced assessment practices. Kathy's contributions extend to curriculum development, instruction, professional learning communities, and leadership strategies within competency-based learning systems. Her extensive experience informs her work to deepen learning, empower educators, and foster student growth.

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