Unique PD Opportunities

Structure and Support

Our professional development opportunities are customized to meet you where you are, whether you are just starting with CBL or are well on the way to transitioning your district to CBL. We take a personalized approach to align your learning system with the goal of moving students forward through transformative educational programs.

Sustaining Success

You will understand how to implement a student-centered learning system and how to know if it is working. We guide educators in identifying evidence of student competency and measuring progress through balanced, meaningful assessment.

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Graduate Credits Through SNHU

Earn graduate credit from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) in two ways:

(1) A 2-year Master’s/CAGS program in Competency-Based Education Leadership and Learning in a Competency-Based System for teachers and administrators.

(2) Graduate credit for full participation in specific NHLI PD programs.

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We looked at what we needed to do to move forward, very specifically in a group. I learned exactly what my role should look like for CBE. I have been very uncertain about what I should be doing and it was explained very clearly to me, but also as to what other teachers should expect from Special Education.

- Special Education Teacher

Enhance your professional development journey.

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