Competency-Based Learning Practices to Support Students

Future Learning Pathways (FLP)

Focusing on equity and opportunity for all, encouraging students to “wayfind” and schools to customize how students find their way to success after high school. FLP teams are composed of 5-10 stakeholders from a district and meet 4 times each year, inclusive of individualized coaching on-site by NHLI staff.

Success Habits (Work Study Practices)

Understanding how to instill essential skills and dispositions for students to take with them after graduation by emphasizing success habits in their educational journey. Work Study Practices rubrics and toolkits can be found on the BEST Website.

Gallup NH Student Data Poll

Measuring Work-Based Learning (WBL) with the underlying theme of hope and how it impacts students. The NH Student Data poll was the first of its kind in the country. All districts in NH can participate to collect work-based learning information on their students.

Portrait of a Learner

Broadening our Portrait of a Graduate program to deepen district, school, family, and community partnerships and develop a “North Star” for the district. This program is a collaborative process to define a vision for student success after high school using data-based best practices that apply to a student’s entire learning career.

SB 276 Implementation

New Hampshire Senate Bill 276, which establishes a plan and pathway to achieve the state’s workforce needs through educational support, went into effect in August 2020. It creates a “Career Pathway System” where students can pursue educational experiences that align with a wide variety of career options.

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