Student Pathways

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Epic Skills and Dispositions

A research framework that provides learning progressions for skills and dispositions.

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Creating materials that are developmentally appropriate for learners and aligned with their learning progressions.

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Goal setting and monitoring tools that are student-friendly and user-friendly.

Personalized Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning

Recognizing and encouraging students’ passions and interests. Allowing students to actively participate in their learning through questioning and problem-solving different scenarios.


Competency-Based Learning

Establishing a system of instruction and assessment that effectively demonstrates students’ competencies in given areas, allowing them to hone their skills as they progress through their education.


Student Voices

Learning through listening to students voicing their experiences with competency-based learning and assessment, including their engagement, agency over their learning, and personal growth. Providing students the voice to show their mastery over the work through video recording.

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Separating Academics from Behaviors

Elements of Personalized Learning Environment


Supporting Students Who Learn Differently

Enabling educators to provide a more equitable and inclusive learning environment, through the application of student-based learning methods that meet learners where they are so they have the ability to grow and hone their unique capabilities.


Supporting Multilingual Learners

Ensuring all students reach mastery by accommodating all students’ unique learning needs, inclusive of culture, background, language, economic status, or prior knowledge.

Enhance competency-based education in your school or district.

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