Ellen Hume-Howard

Ellen Hume-Howard / May 23, 2018

Innovation Bright Spots in New Hampshire

Rochester Middle School http://www.rochesterschools.com/rms/  is our first pick as a “Bright Spot” of Innovation in education in New Hampshire.  This week we had the pleasure of participating in Learning Walks at the Rochester Middle School in Rochester, NH.  The Learning Walks gave us a glimpse into a model of personalized and competency-based learning that blends […]

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Ellen Hume-Howard / March 18, 2017

Sanborn Regional School District Shares Their NG2 Work

What might it look like if we could group students based on their interests and learning strengths rather than just with their same age peers? This year the Sanborn Regional School District is partnering with the New Hampshire Department of Education and the New Hampshire Learning Initiative to develop a personalized educational pathway for students […]

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