NHLI / March 16, 2020

Remote Learning Resources

Over the past 24 hours NHLI and Motivis have put together a website to be able to share resources and to communicate guidance regarding virtual instruction to students. — https://motivis.org

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NHLI / January 13, 2020

The Challenges of Bringing Essential Skills Learning to Students

Creating a system that can accommodate a wide range of learning contexts across a state can be difficult.  Teachers and leaders in New Hampshire share how they are tackling the integration of essential skills (aka Work Study Practices or deeper learning) into their classrooms.

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NHLI / December 9, 2019

How School Districts in New Hampshire are Bringing Essential Skills to their Students

School districts across New Hampshire are working to embed essential skills like self-direction, communication, collaboration and creativity into their classrooms.  Improving kids learning means getting the tools, resources and rationales to teachers.

Building Essential Skills Today (BEST) for the Future is an effort to elevate the teaching and assessment of essential skills in our schools.

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