Carolyn Eastman

Carolyn Eastman, Ed.S Carolyn is the Director of Personalized Learning for NHLI.  She has over 30 years in education. She was an Assistant Superintendent of the Oyster River School District in Durham, NH. She has taught Middle School mathematics. Carolyn has spent over 20 years as a technical assistance provider to State Departments of Education including New Hampshire,  Ohio and Michigan through her work at the Council of Chief State School Officers and Wisconsin Center for Research. Carolyn assists states in building statewide capacity for school improvement efforts by elevating leadership to utilize data effectively, and creating reflective cultures that measure change over time and impact of school improvement efforts on student achievement. Most recently, she has spearheaded efforts locally to rethink parent engagement and opportunities for all students. Carolyn holds dear to her heart all opportunities that allow students to explore and pursue potential passions. She has assisted with CTE research in mathematics, observation protocols for student led conferencing, Early College Course development, and volunteering with Pathways to 65X25. She holds an advanced degree in Education Administration and Supervision from University of New Hampshire,  a master’s degree in education from Lesley University, and a bachelor’s degree in social work from University of Connecticut.

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Director of Personalized Learning

Carolyn Eastman

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