/ June 5, 2024

Project Based Learning: A Dive Into The Student-Centered Classroom

Project-Based Learning is a teaching strategy that changes the dynamics in the classroom and traditional education. Instead of passively receiving information from teachers, students engage in hands-on projects that require […]

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/ April 29, 2024

Recharge and Rebalance: Exclusive Leadership Retreat for School Administrators

Written By: Scott Laliberte and Dr. Mark MacLean A Case for Retreating to Rejuvenate: A professional development experience designed to build your capacity to lead amidst the current operational and […]

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/ March 19, 2024

Unlocking Curiosity: A Paradigm Shift in Science Education

Integrating Phenomena to Foster Sensemaking Skills in Students “When students as scientists have authentic, relevant opportunities to actively make sense of the world and beyond – what we call sensemaking […]

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