/ December 20, 2020

Why Do We Have Two Systems of Accountability?

Ramond has always liked math. The answers come to him easily in class, faster than Juan, his best friend, or better than even Maria, who reads way more than he does. So, last Thursday, when Mrs. Burch announced that she would be giving a test on-line, one that was supposed to be given last Spring, he looked forward to it.

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/ July 1, 2020

Together and Stronger in the 603

We heard from many educators that they also needed normal conversations, and to focus on ideas that went beyond the current reality and look to a future to when we are past this crisis. 

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/ April 14, 2020

A Picture of What They Really Know: Reflections on Grading in a Time of Remote Learning

Grading is complex. It is an important form of feedback loop between teachers and students and depending on the grading practices of the instructor can convey how well the student is mastering the objectives of the learning (mastery-based grading) or the student’s performance relative to other students in the class (norm-referenced grading).

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